Settled by German immigrants, Long Grove is rich in German history. The Historic Downtown Long Grove has a one lane covered bridge, boutique shops and charming restaurants. When deciding on a location to build our brewery, Historic Downtown Long Grove had everything we were looking for. Our beer styles and Long Grove’s heritage are a perfect match. We have a Bavarian style taproom, event space and a one of kind Biergärten with beautiful views of the lawns and freshly trimmed pine trees.


Mike Marr, owner and brewmeister was a home brewer for 15 years and yearned to turn his passion into an exciting business. In 2012, he submitted Marrvelous, his German Style Wheat Kölsch to the Great Lakes Beer Festival and had an amazing reception which prompted him to start thinking about opening a brewery. As part of his research, he visited more than 300 breweries, took notes of what makes drinking beer a fun and memorable experience. As he started to formulate his plan, it became clear that he wanted to create a destination brewery. A place where beer lovers and families could come, relax and have fun while enjoying well-crafted libations.


We are always on the lookout for great talent passionate about beer. If you’re confident that you’d make a great addition to our team, reach out.

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